People’s Reaction When A 150 lbs Pit Bull Walks On The Street!

Within 10 days the video on next page got 216,609 views!! What could be the reason?This lovely family has a wonderful dog named Magnum that completes the picture ………

Pit Bulls are known to have a bad reputation but here’s a family that’s out to prove this wrong.

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They take their 150 lbs Pit Bull for a walk in the Rotterdam centrum, which is one of the busiest shopping areas. Interestingly, people in the Netherlands are not afraid of Magnum.

They occasionally stop by to pat him and offer him treats.

When the family reaches the Burger King, a crowd gathers outside to just look at him and click photos with him.

The dog seems to enjoy all that attention and happily poses with everyone for a photograph. He also gets to enjoy three delicious burgers for being such a good boy.

How people react when you walk with a 150 lbs pitbull in Rotterdam – Video on next page ➡️🐶📺🔥➡️

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