Watch This Fluffy 130-Pounds 🐶 Dog Get A New Home


Adoptions are always special and it’s fun to see dogs get a new forever home.

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However, this one is a little special as it’s about a 130-poubd big dog who knew nothing about being a dog.

He has probably never climbed a staircase or played with a toy.

He was abandoned in the shelter by a breeder for some unknown reason.

Despite all odds, it looks like his lady luck is smiling at him.

A couple saw his photo on the Internet and fell in love instantly.

They immediately go through the adoption process to bring Cosmo home. The dog has no idea what is happening to him, except that he now has someone to take care of him.

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The dog’s size or his sheer lacks of human contact did not deter the couple from adopting him.

Once home, it’s fun to see how Cosmo gels up with the kids in the family. He also gets along really well with the other dogs and huge rabbits.

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