Don’t you just love Chihuahuas? They’re small, cute and can fit in your handbag without so much as a fuss. Well, we definitely love them and after these five facts about them, we’re hoping you’ll be warming up to them as well. Before we go into that, Chihuahuas are very explicit breeds.


They’re different from others in their size, nature and even how they bark. These little babies are known to take over the hearts of their owners and boy, do they get spoiled. From designer outfits to bags and even crowns, these are dogs that know how to live and here are five awesome facts about them.


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They’re the smallest breed of dogs

As earlier said these dogs are so small they could fit into a woman’s purse, but did you know they are the smallest breed of dogs on the planet? Yeah, well they definitely are. These cute and cuddly dogs mature at an average puppy size as compared with other dogs. They are about 5 to 8 inches in height, not even up to the height of a metric ruler and they weigh about 4 to 6 pounds, making it easy for you to take them anywhere and everywhere.


They’re named after the Chihuahua state of Mexico

Chihuahua by land mass is the largest state within Mexico, and this is more like an irony compared with the breed which bears its name. But nevertheless, we love a good laugh, especially when it’s about dogs. It was named after the state because that is the place where the Chihuahua was earliest discovered. This state shares borders with New Mexico, Texas and Arizona and is synonymous with vast landscapes and mountains and sometime in the 19th century, Chihuahuas were first loved in this state.


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They’re pretty brainy too

Ironically, again, you can say that what the Chihuahua lacks in size and stature, it makes up for in the brain. They are known to be the brainiest of all breeds of dogs. They possess the largest set of brains for dogs. However, this may not necessarily be a good thing because of how fragile their necks are.


They come in diverse colors

Unlike other breeds of dogs which have specific colors, the Chihuahua breed is known to possess over 30 different colors. These colors do not all come at once but most Chihuahuas come in an average of 2 colors. One type that’s hard to find is that which comes in all pure white, if you have this, cherish it because it’s a rarity.


They live long

As other breeds would hit the grave after 5-8 human years, Chihuahuas stick around for 14 to 16 years, that’s like 78 dog years and above. They could grow old with you and maybe even stick around for the funeral. Just kidding!


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