Having a dog is great but have you thought about where they’re going to live? Well, you may say ‘with me of course’ but having a dog house is very important especially if the breed of your dog isn’t all cute and cuddly.


Nevertheless, irrespective of its breed, all dogs need a dog house. It’s like giving them privacy to lick their butts without you having to deal with that. It’s serenity. Now that we’ve gotten you thinking about dog houses, let’s give you little mock-up plans so that you know what you’re going for, and the best part is, you can do it yourself .


  1. Ranch style


This is perfect if you live in the ranch. Nevertheless it would fit perfectly in any background. There’s enough room for your four legged family member to be comfortable in.

2. Little and cute


If your dog is average or small sized, you may need to consider this design. The roofing is really sturdy and your dog can have fun during the day.


3. Chill


Your dog will feel like a trophy in this crib. He has everything he could need. A good view, a ladder and enough room to be awesome in.


4. Palette style


This is pretty simple and it’s insulated as well. Keeping your dog chill on a hot day and hot on a cold one. It’s really the way to go.


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5. The A-team


This dog house is really stylish. It’s really cosy and has a home feeling. Your dog will look forward to coming home.

6. Gabled roof


A gabled roof never hurt anyone, and it certainly won’t hurt your dog. Let him have fun in this little hut.


7. Crooked


We all love a little crooked house, especially when it belongs to your furry friend. It’s silly and cosy and your dog will most definitely appreciate it. You can hang up his name like so.


8. Nice and easy


This dog house is particularly easy to build. The thing with dog houses is that you can paint it however you want to. Take this for example.

9. Containers


Who said dog houses have to be made of wood? Take a look at this beautiful container house and you may just be looking at your dog’s new home.


10. French inspired


This French inspired dog house definitely wins the price for the easiest dog house to build. It looks like it’s made of cardboard paper, but make no mistake it’s really strong for your dog.


Get your best animal friend his very own crib and pimp it however you would want to. These dog plans are just so you have an idea of what to go for, they’re relatively easy to build and they’re all DIY. Good luck.



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