What’s better than a dog? It’s kid. Dogs are all cute and cuddly but puppies exhibit lethal doses of cuteness and perfection. Watching them run around, so little, oblivious to the struggle in the world, it’s so adorable. Now, all puppies are intensely lovable, no doubt. 

But, some dog breeds puppies break and exceed the scale of cuteness and this piece is about ten of them. Here are the cutest breeds of puppies.


Golden Retrievers

The name says it all. They’re made of gold and they’re cute as hell. These puppies will make you ‘aww’ all the way home. They’re so adorable it should be illegal.


Basset Hound

How can a puppy look sad and shy all at once. The basset hound is killing it with his originality. But photo shoot aside, this puppy is existentially cute. Droopy ears, squishy paws, sad eyes, he’s the full package. It makes you want to hug him till he smiles.





They may look fierce when they’re mature, but they are the opposite while they are young. These puppies have the calmness of a dove and the sweetness of ice cream. It’s all fun and games till they lick you to pieces.



Cavalier king Charles spaniel

This breed most certainly looks like royalty. They are elegant, poised and undoubtedly adorable. Look at those curly ears and squishy paws, try not to fall in love.


Cavalier king Charles spaniel


St Bernard

When they’re fully grown they are huge and probably weigh a ton. But it’s the little ones are just amazing. It’s pretty obvious they love to play and trot around, look at those soft paws, they’re really sweet too.




Huskies are generally energetic dogs, they look really fierce but that’s just a front. They are really playful and cuddly, especially when they are puppies. Feast your eyes on this beau. Eyes so icy they could cool your beer.




Chow chow

This breed looks like a bear, but when they’re little, they resemble cubs. They’re so fluffy and soft they look like squishy fluffy balls.


Chow chow


Cardigan welsh corgi

These dogs stay small, but their pups are so much cuter. They are funny, happy, cuddly and come with soft fur, they’re like the amazon of puppies, because they have everything.





We all know beagles are stubborn, but boy are they cute. They’ll suck you in with those compelling eyes and little nature, but their pups do even more than that.



English bulldogs

We definitely saved the best for last. As adults, they are pretty homely and as pups they prefer cuddling to playing outside. However, when it comes to cute, these pups have set a new scale for it.


With these cute pups, we hope you’ve found what your next puppy is going to be.


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