Dogs are adorable, but puppies sit differently on that table. Their miniature size gives them a different dose of cute. It’s like they are inevitably laced with adorableness and possess certain abilities to lift bad moods by just being seen. You can say this is their super power, because boy can they wield it. Now, you’ve got to admit there are a lot of dog breeds, hundreds of them to be precise, making the quest to find the cutest ones much harder. It takes a lot of ‘aww-ing’ on our part but we’ve got it on lock. We’re presenting to you the top 10 choices of dog breeds that have the cutest and most adorable puppies ever.

Siberian husky

siberian husky


If you think they are cute when they are mature, you should see them in their puppy size. This breed makes really adorable puppies with sunken eyes and fur as white as snow. Their soft barks will just melt your heart and freeze your brain.


Golden retriever

What’s better than looking at an actual sunset? Looking at one which barks, rolls over and loves cuddling. Yep, the golden retriever puppy is that miniature sized sunset you want in your home. They are beautiful, sweet, homely and very easy to train. They even grow up with these qualities intact. Just look at that face.

Golden retriever


Cavalier king Charles spaniel

This breed itself is the very definition of cute. The beautiful black eyes, the curly hair and the perfect miniature size are all found in this very breed. Their look is unique and it seems like they have mastered the art of sad eyes. No one can resist this puppy, no one has the heart to. They’re just too cute.


cavalier spaniel



This breed has fleece as white as snow and is too adorable for words. As newborns they are very small and fragile that you may want to bend the knee and pledge your life to it. And as they get older they become great companions and are mostly owned by the elderly.





It’s only natural for this breed to be on this list because they are originally cute, but you should see them as puppies, now that’s a level of cute we didn’t know existed.





This dog breed is synonymous with its miniature size. They don’t advance much in size like other dogs and can even fit into a bowl/teacup. As puppies they are so cute it should be illegal.




English bulldog

There’s a certain vulnerability that the English bulldog puppy possesses. It is just flat out cute.


english buldog






This breed is undeniably cute. They have really huge ears which gives them just a little fraction of their cuteness.



With their short legs they trot around in the most adorable and funny way. They are really sweet dog breeds too.





We definitely saved the best for last with this breed. Their black and white spots contributes to their beauty and uniqueness, and as puppies they are a bundle of cuteness.




There you have it, the 10 dog breeds with the cutest puppies, we hope you made it to the end without tears.

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