Dog Accidentally Ingesting Marijuana? – See What Happened

A walk in the park turned into a nightmare for dog owners after their pet almost died from swallowing marijuana that was left in the park.

-A ten-month-old yellow labrador, Tia, was taken for a walk to the local park by its owners.
-The dog mistakenly ate some marijuana that someone left behind and fell seriously ill.
-She was on the verge of death but they were able to save her life.

Residents in West Kelowna, British Columbia recently went through a harrowing experience. Their yellow labrador named Tia was taken for a short walk to the park in Rotary Beach and suddenly started acting strange and became weak.

The couple quickly brought him to the vet and found out they were just in time before they lost her. Tests revealed that the dog had ingested marijuana which has severe adverse effects on dogs.

The owners are sharing their story because they want to remind people to be careful about what they leave behind in public places. Things like needles, cigarette butts, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana should never be just left in parks because it puts children and dogs that come to these kinds of places in great danger.


Watch the interview and read the news article here:

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